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Cleaning Management System Designed to Make Your Life Easier4 min read

Cleaning Management System Designed to Make Your Life Easier4 min read

Success for a commercial cleaning company relies heavily on excellent communication. Managers need to be able to effectively communicate with both cleaners and clients. A small miscommunication could screw things up, reflecting poorly on the commercial cleaning company. Fortunately, this is easily avoidable with the use of Swept, a commercial cleaning management system. In this post, we outline the many features of Swept and show its usefulness to any commercial cleaning or janitorial company. 

Get Connected with the Free Swept App

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, anyone with a smartphone can be in the loop. Having everything available in one easy-to-use platform makes it easy for both managers and cleaners to always be on the same page. When coworkers are communicating effectively, fewer mistakes are likely to happen. Cell phones never stop innovating, and we shouldn’t either. Using new technology makes our lives easier, our jobs more efficient, and our customers happier. The Swept App makes all of this possible as they have included everything you need as a commercial cleaning company. 

All the Features You Need – All in One Place

Swept is created by cleaning companies, for cleaning companies. Everything about the software is geared specifically for commercial cleaning and janitorial companies. As former commercial cleaning company owners, the creators of Swept have experienced the same problems you have. As a result, all features of Swept are an effort to make things easier for commercial cleaning companies. From planning to inspecting and everything in between, Swept makes it as simple as possible.


You no longer need to use third-party apps for scheduling employees. Schedule shifts within the app to ensure everyone is on the same page. Last-minute changes can happen in the janitorial world causing scheduling issues and miscommunications. With Swept that is an issue of the past, as notifications will be sent to cleaners keeping everyone up to date. 

Time Tracking

Keep precise track of your employees’ time with the time tracking feature. Using the Swept app, Swept website, or landline phone, employees can check in to work. Better yet, geofencing technology only lets them clock in when they’re within the job site perimeter. This ensures precise time logging and employee accountability. 

Supply Tracking

Say goodbye to last-minute runs to the store for more supplies! With the supply tracking feature, always have an accurate measurement of what supplies remain and where. A shopping list can even be created to make keeping track of your supplies easier. 

Metrics and Reporting

The metrics and reporting dashboard provides information on things like how many employees are working, unscheduled employees, problem reports, cleaning reports, employee moods, history of supply orders, and other things. This information is shown on one dashboard to make it quick and easy to navigate. 

Instructions and Annotated Photos

A good commercial cleaning management system means a good team communication system. Keep cleaners clear on their tasks with in-app instructions. Make things as simple as possible with photo annotations, clearly pointing out what needs to be completed. Leave as little margin for error as possible by making it clear to understand the required tasks.


Keep your business and personal messages separate with in-app messaging. The messaging feature lets managers talk with clients or employees. Marking messages as “urgent” helps keep cleaning priorities clear, resulting in happy customers.


Different reporting options keep everyone on the same page. The mood reporting feature allows managers to see how cleaners are feeling about the upcoming week. This gives the opportunity to address negative feelings proactively, therefore keeping employees happier. Problem reporting lets managers be aware of any problems cleaners might be having. This allows solutions to be found quicker and keeps small problems from turning into big ones. 


The Swept app makes it quick and easy to conduct inspections and send reports to clients. Create custom inspection plans within the app to make sure everything is completed to the desired level. Create inspection reports and send them to clients all within the app – before you even leave the location. 


To sum things up, a commercial cleaning management system will save time, money, and headaches. Having a system that enables you to structure and systemize your business enhances your reliability and scalability as a business. Know your clients’ needs and daily expectations and instantly relay it to your cleaners, increasing your chances of a job perfectly done. In addition, employees will be more satisfied with their work and less frustrated because they will not feel kept in the dark about what is expected of them. All in all, a commercial cleaning management system like Swept is crucial for any team, big or small. Take the guesswork out of day to day operations, make things easy and systemized, and your job will become easier. So the question is, why would you not want to become a more efficient, systemized, and reliable business?

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