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Effective Marketing Strategies for Commercial Cleaning Businesses to Use During COVID-194 min read

Effective Marketing Strategies for Commercial Cleaning Businesses to Use During COVID-194 min read

In this competitive world, every business big or small needs a marketing and publicity strategy. Having the right marketing strategy to reach potential customers becomes imperative to smaller localized businesses. Businesses that provide commercial cleaning services must, by nature of their job, find long-term loyal customers, if they want to survive for a long time. It also becomes crucial to publicize the cleaning services business, in times of crisis we are facing right now, when cleanliness and hygiene of their home and work environment are on everyone’s mind, with the threat to lives with the spread of the highly infectious COVID-19 virus. Every home and business owner will be looking for professional commercial cleaners to clean and disinfect their work and factory premises before the workforce move in.

Commercial cleaning marketing USA would require some limited publicity channels and strategies. These marketing efforts should be done both online and offline to attract a great pool of long-term clients.

The Best Online Marketing and Publicity Strategies would be:

Having an Intuitive, User-friendly Website

It has almost become mandatory for any business to have a website, especially if they are in the services industry. Having an active website listing the types of commercial cleaning services you provide will help you reach more customers in times of these when the world is experiencing a pandemic with the deadly spread of the COVID-19 virus. Employers and workers are stuck at home, and the only way to reach them would be creating a website that would rank high on Google Searches for commercial cleaning services. A good digital marketing and management team would make sure that the website complies with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) parameters to rank your business higher on Google search pages than your competitors in your geographical business area. A good website could convey your expertise in disinfecting and sanitizing any workspace before the workforce starts work.

Opportune Use of Social Media Platforms

In times of crisis, people tend to take comfort and solace from family and friends. While the pandemic is creating a panic worldwide, people are connecting with their near and dear ones on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. It has become indispensable to have a social media presence for critical businesses like those providing commercial cleaning services, to make the presence felt and present their range of services offered on these active social media platforms. Any positive response to cleaning services provided would get ‘viral’ on these platforms as people tend to share positive news, which may lay a path to a long-term successful service business.

Use of Suitable Software to Access Real-time Metrics

In this day and age, data is the king, and any software that analyses data and gives real-time metrics about your customers’ location, needs and wants, would work wonders for a commercial cleaning business to beat the competition. When a crisis hits, like the current spread of COVID-19- virus, commercial cleaning businesses would be inundated with calls for service, and prioritizing each service call could become impossible for a human. Any business with a suitable software would analyze call data and provide real-time report data about which service call is important than others, which potentially could get a business’s long-term contracts than a one-off cleaning service call.

Commercial Cleaning Businesses to use during COVID-19

Some of the Best Offline Marketing Strategies would be:

Sharing Stories and Advertising Business Values

Commercial cleaning businesses are rarely behemoth national corporations. Every business has a story and sharing the stories can create a bond no other marketing and publicity cat could match. People in the United States identify well with others who have a will and drive to succeed in life. Commercial cleaning marketing USA can easily become commercial cleaning personal connections in the USA, as people always connect with both success and struggle stories in the United States. If you are a family-owned commercial cleaning company or just a fresh start-up, sharing your stories, your aim, ambitions, and even fears can create a long-lasting business bond. Showing and sharing your business core values can help make the bond even stronger- when people identify with the value system.

Partner with other Local like-minded Businesses

Partnering with established local businesses can give the commercial cleaning service business a head-start in marketing and publicity efforts. For example, partnering with local real estate businesses would give your commercial cleaning business the credibility rarely achieved by traditional marketing and publicity strategies.

For commercial cleaning services business, there are many paths and strategies available for marketing and publicity, both online and offline. It is up to the business to create the right marketing mix effectively using both methods.

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