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Get More Leads with Call Tracking4 min read

Get More Leads with Call Tracking4 min read

Call Tracking Your Way to Success

In the business world of today, there are countless useful tools for collecting data. For a service-based company such as commercial cleaning, call tracking is crucial. Being able to know exactly where your customers come from is a huge asset in business. Knowing how your customers are finding you shows you which marketing campaigns are working for you. As a result, you can focus on what’s working and stop wasting time and money on what isn’t. 

Call Tracking – What is it?

Call tracking is exactly what it sounds like and more. It allows you to connect unique phone numbers with different marketing campaigns. This lets you see where your leads are coming from. 

For example, imagine a Google ad that generates leads. Instead of having to ask each customer, “how did you hear about us?”, you already know where they came from. Therefore, when running multiple ads you are able to see what is bringing you more results. Stop spending money on inefficient ads, and focus on what works!

Call tracking also works on physical forms of marketing. Put unique numbers on billboards, company trucks, or mailers. As a result, when calls come in you will see where the caller saw the number. 

With Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), call tracking gets more advanced. DNI generates a unique phone number for people on a digital platform. In other words, Person A will see a different phone number than Person B when discovering you online. Furthermore, this person will see the same number even if they leave and revisit your site at a later date. This degree of call tracking pinpoints which ad brought the new visitor. Allowing you to double down on effective ads and cut the ones that are performing poorly. For commercial cleaning companies, this level of marketing data helps you save money on marketing while bringing in new customers.

(Please note: DNI does not affect your SEO ranking. Although there are different unique phone numbers, they are all connected to your main business number. This number still acts as the main business line  Therefore, NAP (name, address, phone) consistency is not affected by call tracking. NAP consistency is the rule of making sure your Name, Address and Phone are consistent across all of your company’s pages. This rule is crucial for optimizing SEO.)


For call tracking, we recommend the site CallRail. We have found it to have the best cost-benefit analysis. With tons of great features, you get all the data you need to get the best marketing results. 

Call Tracking Recording

Improve your customer service with CallRail. The call recording feature lets you go back and listen to previous phone calls. You can use call recording to train employees, or listening to customers’ needs and requests. Whatever your intentions, call recording helps you be on your A-game at all times. 

Keyword Traffic

Keywords are a very important part of digital marketing. Good keywords make your ads stand out to the right people. Keyword research is always a good thing, and the more the better. CallRail does just this! It shows you which keywords are bringing you traffic. Using this data, marketing analysis is much easier. Quickly compare and contrast keywords to see what is giving you the best bang for your buck. Why waste time and money running ads that you know are not giving you the best results?

Call Managing

Call tracking is not as effective if you have no way to keep track of your calls. Fortunately, this is not a problem with CallRail. Set shortcuts with the keypad on your phone to organize calls by assigning tags to certain numbers. 

Imagine you get a call from someone wanting to schedule a call discussing a new contract. With a push of a button, you can organize them into any specified. That way you never miss following up with a lead.

In addition, you can assign unique phone numbers to specific employees. Employees can develop more expertise when handling one specific lead source. In turn, this results in better customer service and happier customers. 

Easy Integration

CallRail has made it easy to integrate it with other online software such as Google Analytics and HubSpot. CallRail can be integrated with over 300 different kinds of software. This makes it very easy to fit right into any business operation. Multiple individual software can become burdensome to navigate, but CallRail keeps it simple with its integration possibilities. 


If phone calls are a big portion of your commercial cleaning business, CallRail is a no-brainer. Tracking ad success to this degree of accuracy is revolutionary, and can elevate your business to new heights. Save money by cutting poorly performing ads and get the most out of ads that are working. Take advantage of call tracking technology to capitalize on growth opportunities! 

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