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How to Optimize Google My Business Profile for Success4 min read

How to Optimize Google My Business Profile for Success4 min read

With virtually endless content, Google has become the go-to when you’re looking for information about something. Businesses are no exception, with access to websites, photos, videos, and reviews. Google has become a powerful decision-making tool for consumers with access to all this information. It is also an opportunity for companies to showcase themselves and win the trust and business of the consumer. In order to use it to your advantage, there are some guidelines that should be followed to get the best results. 

The Main Goal

The main goal of your Google page should be to provide users with as much information as possible. Include all the information about your business that you can. 

Imagine you are looking for a business that is open on Saturdays. Business A doesn’t have any hours of operation listed on their profile. Business B shows that they are open Monday through Saturday, 9:00-5:00. 

The user is more likely to choose Business B since they know they are open on Saturdays. Business A just lost business due to a lack of posting operating hours. They may also be open on Saturdays, but if it is not clearly posted the user has no way of knowing. 

Leaving out critical information can lead to users checking out your competitor’s sites, so it is important to take the steps to prevent that from happening.  

What Is a Business Profile?

If you’re wondering what a Business Profile is, it is the local business listing you see within Google search or Google Maps. A Business Profile displays information about a business such as the location, hours, ratings and reviews, photos, phone numbers, and a link to the main website. Business Profiles can be created by anyone, including random people with no affiliation to the business. Information on the Business Profile can only be edited after it is claimed with a free Google My Business account.

What is a Google My Business Profile?

Google My Business is essentially a free Google account that allows you to claim your business as your own, enabling you to make edits on the Business Profile. Once you have claimed your Business Profile, next you will want to optimize Google My Business. Follow these suggestions to get the most out of your Business Profile.

Enter All of Your Data

Things like your industry, location, business number, and hours of operation. Your goal is for users to know all the critical information at a glance without having to scour your website. People appreciate easily finding the answers to their questions and will subconsciously think more positively about your business. 

Verify Your Location

This helps your business show up organically with geographic searches. Google searches and Google Maps searches will show where your business is located. As a commercial cleaning company, you want to ensure that your name will pop up when someone does a local search related to commercial cleaning. 

Keep Business Hours Up to Date

Having accurate hours, including modifications for holidays or special events, keeps consumers informed. Having inaccurate or nonexistent operating hours leaves consumers without crucial information about your business. This opens the door to your competitors and could lead to negative judgments about your business as a whole. 

Reply to Customer Reviews

This shows you care about your customers and are doing your best to keep them happy. Showing an effort to resolve negative experiences with your business shows consumers that you care about them. Also, note that positive and recent reviews positively impact your business pretty heavily. You should be making a conscious effort to get recent customers to leave reviews. This boosts social credibility and some consumers are heavily influenced by reviews. 

Add Photos

People like to be able to see photos from businesses, as it proves that they are “real” and credible. Adding high-quality photos regularly will show Google that you have a high quality and active account, resulting in a higher ranking within Google.

Consistency is Key

These things may seem simple and obvious, but they can easily get pushed to the back of your mind and go weeks without updates. We recommend setting a reminder to make sure you are checking in at least every two weeks with relevant information.


Google My Business is one of the most useful and crucial free marketing tools out there. The ability to engage with customers, display key information, and to track and measure traffic are massively helpful to the success of your business. As a commercial cleaning company, you rely heavily on local customers, so don’t underestimate the importance of optimizing your Google My Business account!

(If you are interested in exactly how to set up a Google My Business account make sure to check out our online course. In the course, we go through Google My Business step by step and outline everything you need to know. It doesn’t end there, as there are over 60 in-depth videos on different tools and apps to boost your commercial cleaning company’s digital presence and grow faster than ever.)

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