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The Necessity of Using Google Ads for Your Commercial Cleaning Business4 min read

The Necessity of Using Google Ads for Your Commercial Cleaning Business4 min read

The secret behind the success of any business hinges on their advertising and publicity strategy. With the popularity of digital platforms and services, the best means to reach out to a broad base of customers is through online advertising and currently, the undisputed leader in that space is Google. It now makes sense to publicize and build up business with Google Ads, or Adwords. For a company that provides commercial cleaning services, it becomes imperative to use Adwords which uses PPC (Pay Per Click) model and strategy.

It is not easy to have a successful campaign with Google Ads, to take full advantage of the effective Ads one must learn how to set up and manage the online advertising and publicity campaign.

What are Google Ads or Adwords?

Adwords is the name of the advertising services provided by the global search behemoth, Google. One can see the Ads on either the top or sides of the search result pages. Google uses data and intuitive algorithm to decide on the type and placement of the Ads on every search query. The first thing a commercial cleaning service company should do is have an active and intuitive website. The other strategy to get noticed or rank high on Google Search pages is to make the content Search Engine Optimized (SEO) by taking advantage of the business-specific keywords. By being aware of the keywords being used by customers to search for a commercial cleaning company. Having a good page ranking and with the support of Adwords, a commercial cleaning company can be easily accessible to its core customers. In these times of stress, when people are worried about the spread of life-threatening infection by the deadly COVID-19 virus in their office or work environment, the commercial cleaning companies which are ranked high on search by Google and supported by Google Ads would not only survive but flourish for a very long time.

Commercial Cleaning Google Ads USA

Google Ads or Adwords works well with the following advertising models:

The Effective Pay Per Click Model

With the fear and panic over the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus inside office, work and house premises, the PPC model and strategy can be very effective. The model works on the principle that once a potential customer clicks on a targeted, the action is considered a business conversion act. Since Google Ads are targeted and aim to reach customers within the parameters set by the Ad paying customer, the PPC model can be very effective both in the short and long term. The commercial cleaning business would end up paying for only the Ads clicked on by the customers. Unlike traditional advertising, who charges the Ad paying customer for views and any action or call-to-action, Adwords or Google Ads would only charge for the actual clicks your advertisements receive and not the views.

Google Ads Helps Manage Ad Spending Budget

The allure of Adwords or Google Ads in the USA is that the advertising customer can determine their ad spending budget in advance. They can choose to target their ads to a certain locality or area, on a daily or weekly basis, and never run out of the allocated Ad spending limit. A commercial cleaning company can change their Ad spending budget anytime, with the Adwords online interface and platform they are offered a flexible schedule with no minimum Ad spending budget. Unlike traditional advertising media platforms, where the rates are set based on the size and frequency of the Ad campaign, commercial cleaning Google Ads provides the paying customer all the power and flexibility.

Effective Geo-Target Ad Campaign with Google Ads

Commercial cleaning companies using Adwords does not have to worry about wasting their advertising and publicity budget. They have control over the geographical area to target their Ads and precisely target their local market. They can set parameters like cities, towns, zip codes, and even the targeted range in miles, and Google would target Ads to clients within the preset geo-target area. The Google Ad platform interface can even help the Ad paying customer exclude certain geographical areas or regions, to help them use their limited Ad budget optimally.

The best aspect of using Google Ads is that the commercial cleaning company can measure their performance and as they would know where all their Ad dollar has been spent. They can use the data given by the Adwords platform to fine-tune their Ad campaign. Google Ads would provide them with budget reports, effective keywords, Geographical effectiveness, even on what smart device their end customers use for business.

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