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Email Marketing for Your Business4 min read

Email Marketing for Your Business4 min read

Email Creation

To get the most out of your email marketing efforts, find an email marketing management system. This will provide you with the luxury of automation and make it easy to create aesthetically pleasing emails. These days people get lots of emails, so avoid bland emails and try to stand out and grab the attention of the reader. In order to have great looking emails, there are some guidelines to follow that have been proven to be effective.

Subject Line

First off, your subject line needs to be a 10/10, every time. The subject line is extremely important because it is the first thing that people see. The subject line often determines if the subscriber will click on your email or not. The content of your email is pointless if they don’t open the email! A good subject line is short, catchy, and piques the curiosity of the reader by alluding to what is contained in the email.

Email Marketing Copy

Secondly, keep the copy of the email concise and engaging. This has more power over long, drawn-out emails. More often than not, your emails will be skim read. Therefore, put the main points in an easy to read format that gives them the information they need. When readers see your email in their inbox, your goal should be to have them think that they will get value in a concise form and then move on with their busy day. 


The tone should stay consistent throughout each email as you’re are writing on behalf of the brand. Staying on-brand allows the reader to view the business as its own entity, which gives it personality. This gets you closer to the ongoing goal of trying to curate a relationship. 


Your emails should have a similar look to one another. In other words, readers should recognize that the email is from your business without having to read the name of the sender. In addition, make it as easy as possible for the reader to navigate your email. Being able to quickly skim read and pull the most valuable information is your goal. The user experience should be in the front of your mind while creating your emails.

Lastly, be sure to include a call-to-action (CTA) in emails that are intended for a specific conversion. A call-to-action can be things like following on social media, claiming a promotion, entering a giveaway, driving traffic to your site, or prompting a phone call. It is always important to tell prospective customers exactly what to do, otherwise, no action will be taken. 

Email Marketing Management Tools

A couple of free tools for creating and managing emails that we have found to be helpful are HubSpot, Sender, and MailChimp. These tools are great for getting started with email marketing as they let you generate good-looking emails and manage campaigns. Typically, as your email lists grow you will require more features for your marketing needs. Eventually, you will need to upgrade to a more sophisticated plan which range in price depending on features. 

Email Marketing 

When starting email marketing, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are staying on a successful path. Have a clear goal of your emails to help you stay focused. You do not want to bounce all over the place with irrelevant information. These goals can be things like 

  • lead generation
  • information on things like upcoming events
  • new services you provide
  • newsletters to keep people up to date on things in the commercial cleaning industry 
  • Newsletters about your business
  • promotions and deals

Having a clear goal for each campaign helps you to create a marketing strategy that will provide better results.

Capitalize on Every Opportunity

Every time you send an email it is a chance to grow your relationship with the prospect, or alternatively, deteriorate it. That being said, you should always strive to be a source of value and not annoy your audience by spamming their inbox. This is a quick way to tarnish your reputation, and negative progress can be difficult to come back from. 


To sum things up, email marketing can lead your business to massive success if done correctly. Having an audience that is already interested in what you have to offer provides you with the chance to build a relationship with the prospect. Creating feelings of trust and dependability will open the door to many opportunities. 

Even if somebody is not in need of your services at the exact moment, keeping them in the loop and interacting with them keeps your business at the front of their mind. When it comes time to hire a commercial cleaning company, they will remember your business, and they might even recommend you to others!

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